Freedom Fiberglass - Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Welcome to First and foremost we want to let you know, DON'T RE-PLASTER! Most people don't know that Fiberglass is even an option for them. If your pool currently has plaster, fiberglass, or vinyl liner, and its giving you problems. It would be a good idea to get resurfaced with us, Freedom Fiberglass. if you are here, you are probably wondering why should you get your swimming pool resurfaced with fiberglass. Fiberglass as too many benefits to overlook. Make sure you resurface your swimming pool with Freedom Fiberglass to ensure its done right.

- Fiberglass lasts signficantly longer than plaster.

- It's very much affordable.

- We gurantee our pools for 5 years, thats 5 times longer than most plaster pools. Realistically though, they will last much longer then that 10-15 years, or more.

- With fiberglass, you need less chemicals to maintain your pool, than plaster. So it can save you money.

- The smooth surface makes it easier to keep clean.

- The flexible and durable traits of fiberglass allow resistance to earth movements and shifts, while Plaster falls victims to these types of cracks much easily.

- Fiberglass provides superior resistance to stains, algae, and discoloration compared to plaster.

- It makes your pool look fantastic.